The Complete Sampling Playbook for Marketers

Ready to learn detailed strategies for your sampling campaigns in 2024?

We've bought ours years of experience with hundreds of sampling campaigns into one detailed, actionable guide to product sampling through the marketing funnel.

You'll find step-by-step advice on how to implement the best strategies for your brand activations, including:

  1. Key channels you should be utilising at each funnel stage
  2. The best strategies to engage your customers throughout their journey
  3. What metrics you need to measure in the funnel to see success
  4. Real campaign case studies and results

It's a full how-to guide on every step of the sampling journey, to ensure you acquire and delight new customers, and get real ROI from your campaigns.

Get your guide:

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Key Takeaways

What to expect from Sampling

A detailed breakdown of the benefits and results you can achieve from your sampling campaigns at each funnel stage

How to execute, track and measure

Learn what channels you should consider, which metrics to measure and compare to industry benchmarks.

What comes next?

We've included our top tips for engaging and converting your new audiences once they've recieved your product samples.