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Streamline the process of identifying, recruiting, and engaging with brand advocates. We automate tasks, saving you time, and providing more control over your outreach. Our platform helps you leverage the power of user-generated content (UGC) and build deeper connections with your customers.

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What are

Brand Fans?

Understanding Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are loyal customers who genuinely enjoy and support your brand. Their authentic promotion stems from a real appreciation for your products or services.

The Power of Endorsement

When brand advocates endorse your brand, their recommendations carry a substantial impact. This influence is profound because it shapes consumer perceptions in a positive way.

The Role of Social Proof

Brand advocates provide essential social proof, affirming the quality and value of your brand. Their endorsements serve as a valuable tool in attracting and retaining customers.

Our Solutions

Our Solution

Identify brand fans who genuinely love your brand and want to share it with their network. Our platform leverages social listening to help you recruit these advocates onto one centralized platform, where they can complete missions for non-monetary rewards they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Advocate Engagement

Engage with your advocates through tailored missions designed to foster deeper connections and community. Segment your advocates based on influence levels or specific groups for targeted engagement.

Mission Customization

Customize missions to suit your brand's objectives, from product tutorials to selfies and more. Dynamic segmentation ensures targeted outreach so you can influence the content.


Offer a variety of rewards to incentivize advocate engagement, including free products, event access, discounts, exclusive product access, educational content, VIP services, and sponsored trips. Initiating collaborations and resharing UGC are also facilitated through the platform.

Identifying your brand micro/ nano creators
Expansive library of ready to engage micro/ nano influencers
Scrolling social channels based on hashtags and mentions
Message at scale across the platform, email, social channels and Whatsapp
Manually message each brand fan
Generating UGC
Leverage expert team to launch missions that resonate, and deploy from platform
Unsegmented missions that may not appeal to relevant brand fans
Brand Fan journey
Completely customisable brand portal to engage, in addition to multi-channel messaging for new missions and tailored rewards
Silo'ed on one channel
Data and Reporting
Conslidated dashboard highlighting robust metrics
Minimal reporting all managed on spreadsheets
Community Building
Forums, leaderboards, trending topics and 1:1 brand communications
Feels transactional
Time Allocated
Requires significant resource

Rich Analytics

Our robust dashboard provides insights into advocate engagement and campaign performance. This includes EMV, number of missions completed per advocate, engagement rates, reach and much more.

Community Building

Cultivate a community of loyal brand advocates with leaderboard, discussion forums, and direct messaging to the brand. Foster brand trust and affinity, making advocates loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Brand your brand voice!

Use our automated platform to effortlessly recruit and engage with brand advocates. Drive authentic connections and elevate your brand with user-generated content.