How YSL Beauty used Odore to increase sales conversions for their hero fragrance

YSL Beauty utilised new technology with the Odore website tracking pixel to increase conversions of their D2C channel, reduce low-quality leads, and reach more new customers for one of their signature scents. 

YSL Y EDP Fragrance Image

The company

YSL Beauty (a L’Oreal Luxe brand) is an international beauty brand known for their iconic range of luxury fragrances, skincare, makeup, and gifts for both men and women.

"This campaign on our D2C site helped us convert more of our visitors to sales."
Sophie, Assistant Media Manager
YSL D2C Campaign Banner

Campaign Goals

The YSL team have been working with Odore on multi-channel sampling campaigns for their range of luxury products.

In order to explore a sampling opportunity with their own website visitors, it was crucial to ensure that only highly engaged users with genuine purchase intent were able to claim samples.

The new Odore website tracking pixel was developed for exactly this purpose and was deployed during this campaign. 

"The Odore team came to us with the new website pixel solution, to help us get more samples into the hands of the right customers.

When they go to the wrong audience, we see lower conversion rates and we don’t achieve our goals. 

Using the pixel really increased the conversion rate of the campaign. "
Sophie, Assistant Media Manager

Setting Objectives

Y Eau de Parfum is one of YSL’s hero male fragrances and the core objective was to increase sales on their D2C channel, by distributing samples to a high number of qualified, engaged customers. 

The team expected to see sales surpass conversion rate benchmarks, by engaging with high-intent users who are researching the YSL range, with an offer of a sample.

"As part of our wider media strategy, sampling helps us drive consideration for our fragrances. "
Sophie, Assistant Media Manager

How we did it

Building a campaign in Odore's Product Sampling Platform
Campaign builder

The YSL team used the drag-and-drop campaign builder in the Odore platform to create the user experiences and emails that made up the campaign.

This ensured that the entire customer journey was bespoke, branded and cohesive, creating an immersive customer experience. 

link ads & email

Using Link Ads for this campaign allowed YSL to display the campaign on their D2C website, while still benefiting from the technology of an Odore hosted campaign.

Automated follow up messages have no delay, meaning no lost opportunities for customer relationships.

website pixel & CRM Integration

The pixel technology ensured that only genuine, high-intent customers were able to claim a sample.

Leads generated were pushed to the YSL CRM system in real time, giving the brand full ownership of their customer data.

Campaign results

68.6% Female
23.1% Unknown
8.3% Male
0.0% Another identity
68.6% Female
23.1% Unknown
8.3% Male
0.0% Another identity
68.6% Female
23.1% Unknown
8.3% Male
0.0% Another identity

The Odore team worked closely with YSL to implement the new pixel technology on their brand site.

This ensured best in class technology standards, running thorough testing to ensure everything worked as expected.

"Using the campaign builder is really straightforward and our account manager is always super helpful, always taking the time to run through things and help us to get set up."
Account management

As always, the team were on hand throughout the creation and delivery of the campaign, to support and monitor progress for maximum success.

They also provided detailed reporting and recommendations for future campaigns.

Post campaign analysis

The campaign was able to increase the quality of leads generated using the Odore pixel technology, and successfully engage a high number of new-to-channel customers on the brand site.

"We were really impressed with the number of people that went on to convert after having received a sample.

It was because we were targeting only high quality leads, and that definitely shows in the metrics."

based on purchases within 30 days of recieving a sample


of customers who recieved a sample purchased a full-sized product


of users were new customers to the YSL database

"The campaign distributed all of our samples, generating lots of sign-ups and ultimately drove consideration and D2C sales for the Y fragrance. "

The campaign generated an ROI of 8x, purely from sales on the D2C site within 30 days of a sample claim.

‍This tracking does not count the 30% of people who were not new to the brand, nor does it include any purchases from other sites or stores.

The YSL team also collected valuable new customer data for future campaigns and engagement.

Future Plans & Recommendations

The website tracking pixel was incredibly effective in maximising lead quality and campaign ROI, and will continue to be rolled out to future campaigns. 

Throughout the campaign, different placements of the banner were tested, and by far the most successful for sample distribution was above the fold (top of the page) on the homepage.
This strategy would be excellent for future D2C campaigns, especially during sales/seasonal periods, or new product launches when the website traffic is higher, and could also be used effectively with online retail partner sites. 

The success and learnings of this campaign were used to help plan YSL’s new product launch for the MYSLF fragrance later in summer ‘23. 
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