Product sampling

How we worked with Parfums de Marly to launch their new fragrance

The company


Founded in 2009 by French history and fragrance enthusiast Julien Sprecher, luxury perfume brand Parfums de Marly celebrates 18th-century decadence. Hosting a range of high-end fragrance products, from body creams to shower gels, Parfums de Marly captures refined scents and delivers them to customers through a bespoke and ornate experience.

Goals & Objectives


Parfums de Marly launched a sampling campaign across the UK, USA and Europe to promote their best-selling fragrance, Delina. The key objectives were to drive awareness, sales, and gain new leads.

Our approach


By utilising their Instagram account and CRM database, Parfums de Marly was able to re-target existing customers and reach new customers across multiple markets.They also gained valuable insights and customer data through Odore’s customisable survey interfaces.

How we did it

Post campaign analysis

We reached out to the customers who had received a Delina sample to gather their feedback. Overall there was a survey response rate of 88%


of customers were not familiar with Parfums de Marly before the campaign, meaning new audiences were reached


of customers rated Delina 5/5 upon first impression of their sample


of customers said that they would purchase Delina

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